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The Smile Makers Frenchman Vibrator Feels Like a Tongue ...

The Smile Maker Frenchman vibrator has a flexible silicone tip that bends to the body just like a tongue, so it feels like oral sex.

14 Household Objects That Vibrate, Feel Like A Tongue, & More

Rather than splurging on sex toys, try these DIY pleasure tools: household objects that vibrate, feel like a tongue, and so much more.

14 Best Oral Sex Toys for Women That Mimic Cunnilingus 2020

Many oral sex toys use some kind of air-pulsing, sonic-wave technology, meaning they feel less like a typical vibe's buzz or rumble and more like an actual tongue licking your clitoris.

This Vibrator Feels Like Oral Sex—But Honestly, Better

This Vibrator Feels Like Oral Sex—But Honestly, Better ... there’s one toy I find myself reaching for over and over. ... so while nothing can truly replicate a tongue and all the fancy tricks ...

Oral Sex Toys - Cunnilingus and Blowjob Toys

The 18 Best Oral Sex Toys That Almost Feel Like the Real Deal ... When it comes to oral sex toys, there are a few categories. ... toys with fake tongue nubbins that move around like a licking ...

I Tried 3 Of The Trendiest Oral Sex Toys And My Solo Sex Life ...

The vibrating ones are pretty standard, but the close-to-oral-sex ones use a tongue-like feature to do some, ahem, interesting things to your clitoris.

Oral Sex Vibrator Reviews For Women - Womanizer and Fiera ...

While there are approximately ten gazillion mouthlike sex toys on the market for men to stick their penises into, very few offer a similar sensation for the ladies. It’s such typical bullshit.